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FolderPage is a free tool for Students, Teachers, Tutors and Lecturers

FolderPage (Fp) is a free platform for open information sharing and academic exchange. It is designed to help both students and teachers learn collaboratively and access peer support. You can choose to interact privately or openly on a network that has all the social networking features we have grown accustomed to. It is also powered by a robust E-learning system and content here is student-centred, focused and not diluted.

FolderPage vs. Standard E-Learning

Conventional E-learning or Social Learning Networks (SLNs) do not focus on social connections, interactions and features. They also tend to be designed for certain groups and are mainly institution specific. They lack an open, collaborative, learning environment. As a result students are isolated and/or restricted to a limited catchment area, of both knowledge and people. Some schools may not utilise an E-learning system, especially at the secondary/high school level. Budgetary constraints and/or policy are the common problems here.

Regardless of your budget however, FolderPage is and always will be free for all students, teachers, tutors, lecturers and institutions. It introduces an open, collaborative and peer-supported learning environment. 

FolderPage vs. Facebook

Prominent social networks like Facebook, while versatile and feature rich, also leave students isolated in groups of their own design. Here they float in a sea of information that is not student-centred. Teachers may also form similar groups for lack of an alternative. 

To forge a successful study niche while utilising generic social tools, you are forced to share some of your personal information; on networks designed for personal information sharing. You must also continually seek out like-minded individuals and opportunities in these seas of information.

FolderPage solves the problems

Fp solves these problems and does the work for you. Instead of fragmented E-learning hubs and adhoc Facebook groups, Fp consolidates the experience. Students are no longer isolated, instead they are part of a free, open network that focuses on student-centered experiences, materials and events. Here you do not need to share your personal information to interact. Your online persona allows you to be social while on a network focused on intellectual information exchange. 

Apart from utilising the myriad of features on FolderPage, both students and teachers will also gain credits when they help and are active. These credits earn you rewards, prizes, store purchases and can even be given as gifts.

Who monitors content?

FolderPage like any other world-class network, has a team of moderators that remove any illegal or inappropriate content posted to the network. Users can also flag this content, drawing it to the attention of the team for removal. Teachers and mentors can also control content and users in their specific groups. 

As Fp grows we will introduce a pre-moderation monitoring concept (where content is approved or disapproved before it is allowed in the global platform feeds.

What happens to bad people (trolls)?

Users that are persistent offenders will first have their accounts suspended. If further action is required, users may be removed or banned as per our Terms of Use agreement. We have also included standard "block user" features (like other social networks) for user privacy and safety. You also have the option to report offensive users to our administration team.

Putting things in Perspective:

There are a few social learning networks and e-learning platforms out there. In most cases they are institution specific and therefore only provide isolated environments for learning to occur. They lack the social and open experience associated with real-life collaborative learning. 

There are also adhoc Facebook groups that some students and teachers may use. While Facebook itself is a feature-rich, social platform, it is not centered around helping students learn. Students are again isolated to groups of their own design, in an environment that isn’t focused on students and collaborative learning. 

Additionally establishing your own student network on Facebook, requires sharing some of your personal information with strangers, and most people like to keep this private. 

Both Facebook groups and institution based learning hubs are provisional in most cases, and ultimately fragmented. 

Instead of fragmented learning systems and Facebook groups, FolderPage provides a consolidated and open network, dedicated to helping all students.

Feature-rich and designed to share information and ask questions openly, FolderPage combines the core aspects of social connectivity with an emphasis on e-learning and collaborative learning. The result is an undiluted experience for students with the added advantage of personal privacy, because unlike other social networks, the focus here is on sharing relevant academic and student-centred material and not personal information.

By introducing a monitored and measured social approach to learning, FolderPage makes it easy for both students and teachers to have fun and get open support while learning. Imagine asking any question and getting answers openly from other students and teachers willing to help. You also earn credits for helping, that can be used in a myriad of ways. From added perks, to store credit, to rewards, you can even give credits as gifts. Stay motivated and learn even more. 

By providing this modern, moderated and measured social approach to learning, as well as a versatile reward system; Fp will help both teachers and students succeed with open help and communication designed specifically for you.

By learning collaboratively you build not just a network of friends, but a network of peer support. You are connecting with like-minded people and mentors to achieve intellectual outcomes, through relevant and open information exchange.

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